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Light at the Bottom of the World

“The seasickness isn’t inevitable. It’s a result of all the fear we’re exposed to.”⁠

Genre: YA⁠

Ages: 13 and up (I would suggest more 16ish and up)⁠

Available: Amazon⁠

Islamic Screening: touching/a kiss and some cusswords⁠

⭐️Alert: spoilers ahead⁠

Leyla McQeen is living in a future London in which the world has flooded and the whole world lives underwater in buildings and drives submersibles (small submarines). Her father is arrested and the authorities don’t explain why. She enters a race, wins it, obtains a submarine, and goes ahead to try to find her dad and break him out of prison. Add to that her gaurdian, Ari, who is sent by her granddad to help her and turns out to be an anthropoid (the scary mermaid like creatures that “terrorize” london). Leyla finally breaks her father out of Broadmoor, when Ari is snatches up in a net and she is determined to find him.⁠

When I started reading this book, I was a bit confused. I didn’t understand what was going on at times and the story had holes that were filled quite clearly by the author. But as the book went on, I did find myself sucked into the story and reading faster to find out what would happen! And the ending left me wanting to read the next book (coming out soon!!)⁠

The world building was superb to be honest, and I found myself imaging what a world under the waters would be like!! I can def see this become a fantastic disney movie in the future with lots of action and amazing scenery.⁠

Islam-wise, Leyla is a Muslim, but other than saying Salam, Bismillah, and a few other Islamic traits, there isn’t much else she does. In fact, she seems to skirt halal lines with celebrations of Christmas and her relationship with Ari.

I did enjoy the Afghani rep. She names her submarine the Kabul, eats Afghani food, and reminisces about her Afghani grandparents and extended family she wishes to see.⁠

Lots of important World issues are touched upon, like news bias, government propaganda, and the importance of positive thinking in mental health.⁠

Overall a fun read for older teens who enjoy science fiction fantasy.

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