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Like the Moon Loves the Sky

Islamic note: there is a picture of a little girl in a bathing suit on one of the pages. While there’s no Hijab rulings for young children, I feel that many Muslims would feel uncomfortable with their kids wearing these bathing suits (there are modest short/skirt suits many use).⠀

I just feel like this picture is kind of naïve in a children’s book meant for Muslims. If you are trying to serve Muslims with diverse books that they can relate to, it should reflect what most Muslims identify with. I feel like our children see enough books out there that they don’t relate to and so I am confused at why this book is so showing something many Muslims would probably be uncomfortable with. I feel like there are many pictures that could’ve been illustrated instead of this one for the verse provided.⠀

Another note was the way they spelled insha Allah. First off I know that it is a word that is translated from Arabic, and in Arabic it is actually three words-not one word together. But that wasn’t the main part that bothered me: it was that the A of Allah was not capitalized-something that to me made me uncomfortable the whole time reading it and I am sure many would be like me.⠀

The book itself is clearly written with sweet intentions. It is basically a mothers wishes for her child for success and the pictures are cute. I did feel like it was a little too simple, with no real storyline or emotional connection for kids.

The claim on the inside of the book is that these verses and pictures are inspired by the Quran. While I did see some verses that did remind me of certain verses in the Quran, such as staying strong like “a tree with firm roots”; In general, I was disappointed. If you claim that a book reflects verses of the Quran, then you should at least put the effort to make sure that it is vetted by a scholar-because the Quran is the word of Allah, and a very serious topic for Muslims!⠀

I looked forward to this book and I am sad that it did not deliver. ⠀

I do hope that traditional publishers, as well as authors, be aware of these issues.⠀

That’s my humble and honest opinion; And of course, each parent decides what they like!

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