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Like the Prophet Poetry Series

Genre: Poetry Booklets with Illustrations⠀

Ages: 8 and up⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore@al.rawda

Islamic notes: beautiful and educational. These came in a pack with the seerah poem book: Muhammad the Sublime.⠀

I really enjoyed these booklets about the Sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Each booklet covers specific sunnahs on a specific topic, such as Eating, sleeping, walking, and speaking. I also was made aware that there is a new fifth book titled Celebrating like the Prophet.⠀

These booklets are in rhyme, and in general, they are done super well, although some words were used incorrectly (nouns used as verbs).⠀

The illustrations were very whimsical and soft, and they added vibrancy to the pages and kept the booklets suitable for a younger age.⠀

The words were also pretty suitable for young ones, and I liked how they are each on a specific topic. ⠀

The sunnahs are articulately displayed and I can see children reading them and enjoying them. They are short quick reads and very educational in learning to copy the Prophet’s Sunnah.⠀

I love this series and am interested in the fifth book.

Check them out!

price: 30 usd


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