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Love from Mecca to Medina

This book made me cry huge fat happy tears!!! And not just because of the gorgeous story, but because truly, I was in absolute shock that this book with SO MUCH ISLAM was published in the world! Truly this book is the book of my Muslim heart❤️❤️❤️

Genre: YA

Ages: 14 and up

Preorder before OCT 2022 release date!!!

Pre-orders show support for authors❤️

Zayneb and Adam are finally engaged, Islamically nikahified, and yet still living apart due to their career choices- him in Doha and her in Chicago.

As Zayneb pursues her law degree, Islamaphobic rhetoric surrounds her and weighs her down, and the stress starts to affect her life.

Adam struggles to find a stable job for his art to prove himself worthy of Zayneb and able to provide for their family.

When their plans for a cottage in England for a romantic retreat change to plans for Umrah, Zayneb and Adam head to Mecca together.

But a former crush, meddling grown-ups, separate living situations, food poisoning, and stressful situations pile up between the two and come in the way of what is meant to be their spiritual trip together.

They have to figure out how to find their way back to each other and back to happiness within themselves❤️

I love that the themes of marriage and how to navigate financial issues, communication issues, family problems, and personality differences were shown as a universal theme to muslim couples just like any others! Marriage is hard work and I appreciated how this book delved into that❤️

Also, there was amazing strong MS rep from Adam, as well as the usual social justice strength from Zayneb that we all love!

Continued in the comments- the muslimness of the book!!!



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