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Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 5-8⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

This book by @naimabrobert was absolutely adorable and educational for the kids, and so touching and beautiful for me to read!⠀

I loved the illustrations and how they look like they were made in a scrapbook, as if it was a real wedding scrapbook that a person is flipping through. Some of the pages looked so real and 3-D like that I would touch them to make sure that they aren’t actually sticking out of the page! So crafty and cool to see!⠀

The beautiful verse and poetic quality to the words as per usual the author’s style was wonderful, and I loved how educational and diverse it was!⠀

The book talks about the basics of any Islamic wedding being religious rites, family meetings, honorable intentions, a marriage contract with conditions and Mahr (I love how it pointed out that this was for the bride and whatever the bride wants)! It mentions the Imam performs the ceremony with two witnesses and that after the feast, the couple is beautifully bound together!❤️⠀

Four countries are shown celebrating the weddings in different ways- families from Pakistan, Morocco, Somalia, and Britain! I love that the weddings were described in such a diverse way, with clothing, food, and cultural habits shown and celebrated.⠀

The diversity in the book, whether it was in the illustrations or the words, was truly representative of what a Muslim wedding is like, and the word Mabrook tied it all together beautifully!⠀

I love this book and I love how it teaches children about the diversity and beauty in Islam and in marriage. ⠀

I also enjoyed it because it takes away stereotypes that are associated usually with Muslim weddings, such as stigmas of “arranged” or “forced marriage”. This is a wonderful introduction to both children and adults alike on marriage in Islam.⠀

❤️The happiness and joy in this book is more of what we need to see in Islamic books! ⠀

As always @naimabrobert delivers a fantastic book and one that can be celebrated by children all over the world! A definite recommendation!⠀

price: 12 usd


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