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Madrasah Mysteries: The case of the great Gerbil escape

Anything @zanibmian writes is a huge hit in my household and my kids rushed to grab this from me and read it when it came!!

Genre: Chapter Book/Early Read

Ages: 6-9

Author: Zanib Mian

Illustrator: Laila Ramadan

Publisher: @muslimchildrensbooks

The gerbil of the madrasa class is missing!! Who could have taken it?

The students start to try to figure out the mystery, accusing this person and that and their prime suspect is their teacher!!

After humorous situations settle and the mystery is solved- the teacher gives them homework. To not assume evil about others!

Zanib’s writing is always so funny and creative, and I love that Islamic morals are at the center of all her stories! This one is no exception, and kids learn an important islamic concept while having fun- to not assume! Islamic details and beautiful muslim joy are spread throughout.

The text and images are perfect for the age group and the book is an easy read sure to please!

Def a new favorite for my kiddos and cannot wait for more❤️


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