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Malcolm Little

This book absolutely wrenched my heart out and brought me to tears.⠀

The book is about Malcolm X (from his birth to around 13) and the early years of his life that formed him into the amazing man he was. While Islam is not mentioned in the book, Malcolm X is a Muslim hero and should be remembered and taught about to all of our children! ⠀

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little to two incredible parents, a Preacher father from whom he got his speech skills, and a multi-lingual(5 languages!) intelligent mother from whom he got his critical thinking skills.⠀

Malcolm had a beautiful childhood that is portrayed in the book: gardening, learning, fishing, and playing with his siblings. He was smart and happy....until racism changed his life.⠀

His parents were part of a Black equality movement of their time, and white supremacy didn’t leave them alone. The first act of racism Malcolm experiences is the fire that burns down his home. And the second act is the killing of his father by the KKK. THEN: the state declared his mother unfit to raise him and his siblings and took her away, splitting them all up into foster care. ⠀

This part broke my heart. Imagine a mother being forced to leave her kids after her husband is murdered! This is the definition of systemic racism-and is an example of why many black children are stripped from advantages/opportunities at an early age.⠀

But Malcolm, just like a butterfly, emerges stronger and more beautiful from his cocoon. And the book ends with him being voted class president in 7th grade, a huge honor and a sign of hope for the future.⠀

This picture book is perfect to start the conversation with kids aged 6-10 about Black history in America, and about racism and how it affects people’s lives! ⠀

Books like this help move readers and relay the emotional consequences of racism, highlighting the need for equality and justice for all.⠀

Racism isn’t only in the past. It happens now, and it needs to stop.⠀

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