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Mama Once Told me

An adorable beautiful board book including many sunnahs- and the most important good character of all, the love of Mama❤️ Genre: Board Book Ages: 0-3 Author: Sharifah Huseinah Madihid Illustrator: Lakhaula S. Aulia Publisher:Homely Hammock Iman is excited that guests are arriving- so he gets ready with sunnahs- Mama once told him the Prophet (pbuh) cleaned, so he cleans with LOTS of bubbles. He brushes his teeth, decorates the guest chair with glitter, dresses in a perfect outfit, perfumes himself, and picks a bouquet of flowers- and all the while the mom hurries after him picking up disaster after the next. Iman hands the flowers to his mom, and her smiles speaks unconditional love, even with all of Iman’s messes. I loved that the book was written with so much joy, and the words are not too long, which makes it perfect for story-time. The illustrations are gorgeous to look at and add to the funny qualities of the book. This is truly the cutest board book I have read in the longest time, and although it is pricey, I do believe it to be worth it, as it is sturdy for little hands and mouths, chockfull of hadith and Islamic info, and including a beautiful story that kids up to ages 8 (my own daughter) will love. Also- the back had little popup panels with sunnahs in them, how adorable!!! Def a must have! (And a winner of our @muslimbookreviewersMBA award❤️) #boardbook #muslimboardbook #islamicboardbook#muslimbaby #muslimtoddler #muslimmom #sunnahs

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