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Marya Khan and the Incredible Henna Party

This truly might be my newest favorite chapter book series! I was giggling and my inner child felt happy while reading this book❤️ Genre: Chapter Book Ages: 6-10 Available: preorder! (Releases Oct 2022) Screening: birthdays/music mentioned Marya’s birthday is coming up, and it falls right on the same weekend as Alexa‘s birthday. Alexa always has the best party in the neighborhood, and she make sure to brag about it to all her friends at school. She wears the fanciest dresses, has the biggest house, and always messes up the perfect desk square for Marya at school. Marya really wants to be cool for once and so she lies and tells Alexa that her family is having a huge birthday party for her with henna and elephants and a band. The reality is that she can’t convince her parents to host a party even after trying hard to be perfect (she almost burns down the house with her cooking attempts lol). But after going to Alexa’s big birthday party and realizing that her parents weren’t even there, Marya realizes how lucky she is and appreciates that her family is loving and caring and that is a true gift in itself! This book was hilarious!!!! Marya is totally relatable to the average kid who really wants something and tries to convince their parents of it but manages to mess everything up in the process. Marya’s lie to be cool reminded me of a lie I once said as a kid, that I had a cool video game console at home (when in reality I had no interest in video games at all and I was just trying to get some cool points in front of my class lool)🙈 I am truly hoping none of my classmates see this post as I don’t think my lie was ever exposed😂 Truly, this story really made my inner child pop out and is sure to be relatable and fun to any young elementary kid! I love the cuteness of the characters and the family is very clearly Muslim, with a hijab worn by the mom and Salaams said, but I appreciate how the Islamic identity was not a crisis and it was just a normal Muslim girl living her life and being so adorable! So heartwarming to see Muslim rep in chapter books and i can’t wait for more from Marya❤️❤️

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