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Mayhem Mission

🎉New alert on my 10 year old son’s favorite new series!!!!⁠

Genre: Middle Grade⁠

Ages: 8-12⁠

Available: my Amazon page/ link in bio⁠

Screening: clean!⁠

For fans of Planet Omar who have wished there were more funny Islamic books with a young Muslim boy as the main character, this book is for you!!!! ⁠

Yousuf Ali Khan is a mischievous outrageous hilarious cute young boy assigned a Summer journal assignment by his 5th grade teacher. He details that his sister is getting married and relates a hilarious series of events on how HE tried to stop her marriage from happening. After all, he doesn’t want to be left alone as the “man” of the house, something she is just so much better at. As details of Yousuf’s life emerges, the reader is given a glimpse of life through this young boys eyes: a single mom, grandma, and older sister being the family of young Yousuf. ⁠

Yousuf makes one mishap after the next, making me gasp and laugh as I read (like when he sprays HENNA cones allll over his sisters wedding dress!!!) His funny commentary on everything from food recipes to family drama is genuinely funny and cute! I def feel bad for his mom and grandma by the end of the book, but you can see that all his antics are really just rooted at missing his Affa too much when she leaves with her husband esp since he doesn’t have a dad. ⁠

Some of the stuff was confusing for my son (like the mummy thing they did for Yousuf’s eczema, my son though it was just a game), but it genuinely all comes together at the end as a fun book to read!⁠

Me and my son both enjoyed this book and we just couldn’t stop reading!! It is absolutely laugh out loud (just like it promises) and many parts of it also had me emotional and feeling my heart move with the protagonist.⁠

One of my most favorite things was that ISLAM was everywhere!!! It was in the characters’ lives seamlessly; they lived it authentically and it was part of their identity! The mother, grandma, and sister wear hijab, they pray and make duaa, use dhikr beads, talk about Islamic morals and hadith, and just show how awesomely normal Muslims are!⁠

I just can’t wait for more books in this series!

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