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Mighty Muslim Heroes

Celebrate being a Muslim with @mightymuslimheroes ❤️❤️

Genre: Nonfiction chapter book

Ages: 6 and up

Available: @mightymuslimheroes

I just love this new book!! 20 Muslims throughout history for our kids to learn about: Nusaybah Bint Kab, Bilal ibn Rabah, Rufaidah Al-Aslamiah, Al-Khawarizmi, Queen Zubaidah of Baghdad, Fatima Al-Fihri, Ibn Sina, Lubna of Cordoba, Saladin, Zaynab AlShahda, Razia Sultan, Ibn Batuta, Ibn Khaldoun, Mansa Musa, Zheng He, Malahayati of Aceh, Mehmet the Conquerer, Nana Asma’u, Abdullah Quillam, and Begum Rokeya.

I loved how the book began with a timeline to show the dates of these people’s lives, and then a map to show the diversity of where they were from.

The language was very clear, concise, and appropriate for children. The book not only covered these heroes, but valuable life lessons that we can learn from each story.

I appreciate how the book started with 3 Sahaba, two of whom are women! In fact; my favorite part of the book was it was JAMPACKED with women. They were center stage, not outliers!! It truly shows how Islam empowers women❤️

The illustrations are beautiful, and I enjoyed how real newspaper articles, historical statues, and portraits were used.

This resource must be bought and used for homeschoolers, Islamic schools, and gifted to public schools and libraries.

The book is well-researched and contains Islamic tidbits throughout, including ayahs and ahadith. It shows that throughout history; Muslims of all colors, genders, and ethnicity have been so remarkable and impacted the world around them positively. It also emphasizes the importance of education to Muslims.

Whether your child Is a travel enthusiast, a mathematician, or artist, all kids can see some of themselves in these superheroes!

Truly a book that gives kids and adults alike pride in being Muslim!

price: 13 usd


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