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Mighty Muslim Heroes 2

Book 2 #arc of the amazing series from @mightymuslimheroes and I am so obsessed with how beautiful this is! Genre: Middle Grade Nonfiction Ages: 10 plus Available: Amazon This book of 20 Muslim heroes is so gorgeous, made with beautiful pictures and illustrations, and written in kid friendly language for the middle grade reader. The 20 heroes were: Alshifaa bint Abdullah (RA), Najashi, Um AlDarda, Ibn AlHaytham, Mariam Al-Astrulabi, Matrakci Nasuh, Omar ibn Said, Cut Nyak Dhien, Mulhlisa Bubi, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Fazlur Rahman Khan, Dr. Hawa Abdi, Juan Francisco Suquillo Carrera, Rim Turkmani, Karevippel Rabiya, Sheikh Muszappar Shukor, Diana Sayed, Mohamad Salah, Razan Al-Najjar, and Anse Tamara Grey. I am continuously impressed with Tamara Haque’s diligence at authenticating and sourcing her information. I also appreciate how the theme tying her whole book and heroes was one main point: their devotion to their faith. I truly feel like that is the most important quality in heroes for our kids, and the way they succeeded because of their faith was inspiring to see. I appreciated how diverse the book was (a MAP is included of the world to show where the heroes are from!!) and I enjoyed that both men and women were included! Def another must have and an absolutely recommendation from me!

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