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Misfit in Love

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

OMG (insert teenage girl screaming here)!

Its not often that I just forgo my traditional style of reviewing to just ramble on and on about a book, but something about @skalibooks just deserves to be distinguished cause it feels like this author writes from the deepest parts of my heart❤️❤️❤️

If you read Janna’s story in Saints and Misfits, you’ll remember that she struggled with overcoming being assaulted in that book. This book is a continuation of her story, and how she searches for love and heals from her past trauma.

Step one on her healing list- reconnecting with Nuah and making her intentions clear (she of course mentions she wants to keep it completely halal and within islamic guidelines!)

But perfect Haytham with his large forehead (iykyk) complicates things, as well as a brooding Zayn Malik lookalike (Layth). Can Janna figure out her emotions and still help plan her brothers Nikah? (I won’t spoil it, but I do love the ending, and I’m looking forward to book 3😉)

As always, I love the authentic portrayal of Muslims and Muslimness in the story. There is salah, hijab, hilarious tales of burkinis (and the farting noises they make), jumaa, Islamic marriage rules, and so much more!

(Amu pops in with spectacular Imam advice!!)

I also appreciated how diverse and different the Muslims are in the book. Shout out to Sausan, the Niqabi Ninja and her super strong personality and cool yet conservative Muslimness (can we get a Niqabi Ninja series pleaaase)!

Important issues like racism within the Muslim community and environmentalism were addressed (among other issues), and it was highlighted that Muslims need to work on these issues among our own communities and how it can cause harm within relationships/love.

I do appreciate how it was pointed out that Islam can’t be blamed for what Muslims do, and even when Muslims do unislamic things, we should still recognize and strive towards whats right.

This book is so necessary for teenage girls (and adults😉), as it shows a real portrayal of a Muslim teenager and what its like to figure life out (so hard!) Very relatable and so important to feel seen❤️

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price: 20 usd


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