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Mommy's Khimar

This post is for sweet little girls! Written by Jamila Thompkins-Bigelow and published by Salaam Reads, this book is an essential for a Muslim household.

It is so heartwarming to read this beautiful story about a little girl who loves to go into her mothers closet and pick out different colored hijabs/khimars. Each hijab is a new adventure for her and the illustrations are fantastic! It is a nice way to introduce the concept of hijab in a fun way while not preaching.

The book also addresses that the girl is the daughter of a convert and her grandmother is not Muslim, and teaches children the concept of family love, even with differences!

I also absolutely love that the main character is an African american girl and that there are references to her braided hair! It is so important for our children to see characters of all different backgrounds in stories to encourage them to be inclusive of all!

Get it from Amazon for 10 dollars.


The doll is absolutely fantastic as well! It is from salam.sisters and is by far the best hijabi doll we have ever bought! Her hijab is easy to remove and her beautiful hair and clothes are well made. My daughter absolutely loves playing with her, especially since the doll has the same name of Maryam!

The doll is around 60 dollars.


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