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Mona's Scrapbook Adventure

The first Algerian picture book and it is full of so much beautiful cultural references❤️❤️ Genre: Picture Book Ages: 4-6 Author: @monasadventures_ Illustrated by Kadhima Tung Available: @crescentmoonbookstore Mona’s sister is getting married and she is so excited, her sister looks like a princess. She witnesses the Katb Kitab but then the couple announces they are moving. Mona is worried, how is she gonna cope with her sister gone? Layla comes up with an idea of a scrapbook and they make memories together that will last forever. They go shopping for algerian dresses, taste cakes, get flowers, decorate, and make Algerian cookies. After the wedding, Mona gets a scrapbook to remind her of how much her sister loves her. I really loved how Algerian this book was. The different Algerian dresses and what they were called, the Algerian cookies ( I have tried them before and are absolutely amazingly delicious and so beautiful), and the Algerian practices during a wedding like henna all complimented the story and made it fun to read. I liked how the book dealt with the worries of children during changing times like weddings and moving, and offered a constructive way to cope. I find this book being useful, especially with the extra scrapbook pages at the back that the reader can fill. I liked that Islamic marriage practices were also mentioned, and the Imam did a katb kitab! A beautiful book and one that I am so happy to have❤️ #algerian #algerianbook #algerianwedding#picturebooksaboutweddings #islamicwedding #muslimkids#muslimweddings #monasscrapbook

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