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Moon's Ramadan

A new #ramadanread for the year and one that just warms the heart with its sweet illustrations and gorgeous words.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-8

Author AND Illustrator: Natasha Khan Kazi

Publisher: Versify, HarperCollins

Preorder before the Feb 28 release date to offer support for Muslim authors and creatives❤️

Moon is so excited for Ramadan. Smiling down with its crescent smile, it watches us people prepare for the first day of Ramadan from the sky in Egypt. Each day Moon is shown from a different country all over the world in gorgeous illustrations, and with a different moon phase. There are Egypt, Somalia, India, the UK, Indonesia, America, New Zealand, Dubai, Argentina, and Turkiye. It beautifully displays little tidbits from each culture like architectural buildings and cultural influences, such as food and clothing.

The words are lyrical in the story flows, showing how moon is so excited to see all the beauty of Ramadan throughout the month until Eid. My favorite part was when moon disappears the night before the Eid crescent appears- showing that light always appears after darkness❤️

I also really love that the United States was shown as a melting pot of cultures with different people of different religions and backgrounds, joining together to celebrate as one! 💕

Check out this gorgeous book just in time for reading before Ramadan!


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