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Mosques of the World Activity Book

This was in our Bismillah Box kids!

I was so impressed with this Masjid Activity book by @kubepublishing

The theme is Mosques of the World, and each different page showcased a different Mosque around the World, named the country it is in, and stated facts about it for the reader to learn more.⠀

The activities were a lot (I was so amazed by how much there was)- coloring of course, there was sticker activities where you place stickers in their place, sticker puzzles, connect the dots (which helped with number recognition and hand-eye coordination), mazes, difference-finding, tracing, and more!⠀

The book is well made, high quality, the stickers are an added bonus and fun, it is simple enough for kids to do and not overwhelming, and it really elevates this activity book to be one of the best we have at home.⠀

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price: 6 usd

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