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Mr. Men Little Miss- Happy Eid

Classic throwback in a NEW RELEASE for those who loved Mr. Men and Little Miss (I was told this was a popular series by my friend @islamicschoollibrarian as I am a 90s baby who had no clue this was a thing when I bought the book lol)

Genre: Early Picture book

Ages: 4-6


Mr.Men and Little Miss are learning all about Eid from Aleena, who is fasting. Mr. Greedy would not be able to fast as he loves to eat, and the book mentions that she is unable to eat during the sunlight hours. Miss inventor looks for the new moon in the sky to signal that Eid night is here. Mr. Rush wants to clean the house but is in too much of a rush and Mr. Bump slips in the water on the floor. Aleena decides to decorate herself. Mr. Silly donate some thing to the local club (as Ramadan is a time for charity), but its a silly donation of course! Miss naughty draws mustaches out of henna on Mr. Scatterbrain‘s face when Aleena puts henna on. Everyone dresses and Mr. greedy wears his biggest napkin, in preparation for the Eid feast. Everyone enjoys their time, and Miss naughty had to apologize for all the bad things she did as Eid was a time of forgiveness. After a Eid show and some sweets, everyone watches fireworks! And only one dish is left behind by Miss Dotty!

This book was so cute, and my toddler was so obsessed that she had me reading it over and over. The illustrations are hilarious, the names of the characters are funny, the funny antics of the characters made us laugh, and seeing Muslim representation in a book like this was delightful❤️❤️

My only note would be that I do think the book needs a Muslim sensitivity reader because a few of the areas seem to imply that fasting started at sunrise (it starts at Dawn, an hour and a half before), and it seemed to kind of mixed up between the terms of Eid and Ramadan. These can easily be fixed in future editions with a few word swaps, and regardless, we just loved reading this book aloud together!

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