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Ms. Marvel Comics

My review of two of the many Ms.Marvel comics out there!

Genre: Comic books

Ages: 11-15 ish

Available: Amazon

Islamic screening: crushes, superhero fights, blood, gunshot, slight mention of dating in side character, a few minor cuss words, mentions of alcohol- Kamala accidentally drinks vodka then spits out immediately (***other marvel comics contain different screenings and different age levels of content and some contain similar image covers so be sure to check the exact name and cover when ordering these comics)

Kamala Khan is a 16 year old Pakistani American teen living in New Jersey. Her main problems are struggling to fit in with her peers, as she has different holidays, food restrictions, and faith expectations. When she sneaks out to go to a party, she ends up in a strange fog that gives her powers. After saving a friend from drowning, Kamala comes to terms with what it means to be a superhero- and both stories show her story of facing her foe “The Inventor”.

In the second book, Kamala seems to grow more into her powers and discover who she is, and WOLVERINE shows up, along with a huge dog sidekick!

Islamically, there was a lot!!! Kamala’s mom wears hijab, her family references the Masjid, and her brother is a very devout Muslim who prays and makes duaas. Their home has Islamic calligraphy. Kamala’s friend Nakia is a proud hijabi character that seems to know a lot about Islam (when seeing the barrier at the Masjid, she says that no barriers were present in the time of the Prophet (pbuh) Masjid in Medina. ) Also, Kamala’s first costume seemed repurposed from a burkini!😅

In the second book, Kamala’s brother mentions that dogs aren’t allowed in the Muslim home due to Islamic rules. Kamala meets with the Sheikh and he is kind and gives her advice.❤️

Kamala does seem resistant to some aspects of being Musljm (smelling bacon and sneaking out, being sarcastic about her lessons with the sheikh), but she very much loves her parents and her deen. She seems to be trying to figure out her way and her teenage crisis can be relatable to many youth.

I liked how the superhero aspect was done and it was pretty cool to see a Muslim superhero overall.

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