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Musa Loses His Prayer Mat

“No prayer mat to see. Where could it be?”

Genre: Board Book⁠

Age: 0-3⁠

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

I absolutely loved this @my_musa_stories about prayer mats and I can genuinely say its one of my favorites!!⁠

In this book, Musa goes looking for his prayer mat, and the lift a flaps show each different place. He keeps looking over and under and all over the place (6 places) until he finally finds it hanging on the washing line outside. I love how sparkly and beautiful the touch and feel prayer mat was at the back. It was an added tactile touch to this lift a flap book!

The book is amazing quality (it has withstood around a million readings with curious hands and mouths lol) and my baby AND toddler both love when I read it to them!!

I love the simplicity of the books for the baby/toddler age group, and the lift a flaps are almost like a peekaboo game. The different words and prepositions are useful for expanding young ones vocabularies!!⁠ I love how well written the rhymes were and the book flowed easily and didn’t tire me out as I read it (super important for multiple reads lol)!

And as always we love @azramominbeautiful illustrations!⁠ Musa is so adorable and lovable!

We can’t wait to see more from this publisher! Def some of the best books we have in our home library so far!

Price: 9 usd


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