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Muslim Book Review: Huda was Here

A muslim book review of huda was here, a delightful middle grade book that needs to be on every Muslim bookshelf- I was just laughing so hard and was emotional multiple times while reading!

Genre: Middle Grade

Ages: 8-12

Author: Huda Hayek

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Huda and Akeal are back in this gorgeous sequel, and with even more mischievousness and (heart-warming) blunders than before.

Huda’s dad has been fired from his job as a security guard. So Huda and Akeal set out to perform “crimanimal” activities in their neighborhood to show how much Baba is needed back. But when they are caught by the cops, everything comes crashing down and they have to figure out the true “culprit” behind Baba loosing his job.

I truly loved this book! I laughed so much at the sweet sibling bond of these two and how bossy and cute Huda is. She is truly a mastermind kid and although the story is from Akeal’s pov, she is def the one leading it.

I liked how the book started off in a different timeline, with the two kids at the police station- and then showed how everything ended up happening. It made it super interesting to read and I kept flipping the pages to see what happened and how the resolution would be.

The book is full of heart, family love, friendship, and ISLAM!!! Athan, prayer, a scene at a Mosque (with shoe stealing lol), duaas, and so much more! I felt the Muslims in it were so authentic, and it was just an average Muslim family living their life and having adventures.

This book was published in Australia and I got it from bookdepository when it was open but it IS available on Amazon and honestly is 100 percent worth a buy! Ur kids will love it and its super halal and perfect for Masjid and islamic school shelves!

Get yourself a copy here❤️

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