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Muslim Book Review: A Dupatta is

A muslim book review on Dupattas and the many uses and values they have❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-8

Author: Marzieh Abbas

Illustrated: Anu Chouhan

Published by Macmillan Kids

This beautiful book is an ode to Dupattas, and each gorgeous page spread mentions the many uses and wonders of it.

Dupattas are culture, comfort, fashion, faith, and so much more.

The words are lyrical and beautiful to read, and the images are absolutely stunning. My 5 year old daughter was so happy to read it, as it felt like a dress up book to her. She kept pointing out the gorgeous clothing and dupattas and especially the bridal page- she was so into the images that she wanted me to search ones on youtube for her to look at!

I loved how both culture and faith were central to the story. The pages showed a dupatta used in salah, and it was beautiful to see Islam and Pakistani culture beautifully displayed on a book that is all joy and beauty.

My only muslim-related remark would be the page with bakhoor being used to drive away spirits as I do believe that is a cultural practice and not a religious practice but it did not bother me while reading.

A beautiful book and one that will be a treasure on our shelves❤️

link to buy here.

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