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Muslim Book Review: Amal's Cape

A muslim book review on a sensitive and important book about domestic abuse published by an organization dedicated to combatting it in society.

Genre: Adv. Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Author: Anousha Vakani

Illustrator: Tehreem Iqbal

Publisher: Nisa Homes

Amal has a cape that she loves. When storms gather, and shadows rise, her cape is ripped. When her mom calls for help, they leave to a new home where her cape is stitched back together with the help of community!-

This book uses symbolism and gentle words to show and represent the hardship of domestic abuse on children.

Illustrations represent a male figure as a shadow raising his hand- but nothing is explicit- questions and answers are provided at the end which can be explained using discussion with grown-ups.

I liked that the book addresses a much-needed topic. Whether children see or suffer from domestic abuse, or even for those who have never experienced or heard of it- this book guides adults on how to approach the discussion of how domestic abuse is wrong. Education and awareness are the first step towards preventing atrocities like domestic abuse-that has claimed many lives in society and in our own community.

I liked how Islam was centered and provided as a way to help find peace and hope in moving away from the aftermath of abuse.

I also really appreciate that this organization has dedicated itself to helping Muslim women who find themselves in dangerous situations-and go further and provide a way to help stop it from even starting.

A resource that is undoubtedly important.

To visit NISAA HOMES click HERE.

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