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Muslim Book Review: Eliyas Explains Salah

A muslim book review on the newest Eliyas book is here and this one is about salah❤️❤️

Genre: Chapter Book/journal

Ages: 7-9

Author: Zanib Mian

Illustrator: Daniel Hills

Publisher: Muslim Childrens Books

This half book/half journal is all about Salah and truly unique and one of a kind. It is full of ahadith and ayahs about encouraging salah, and is a nonfiction book to help Muslim kids feel encouraged to pray!

The book portion gives facts from Eliyas and is written in a humorous and light hearted way that kids are used to and love from the author. And the journal is activity based with lots of fun and easy to do pages to help reinforce the importance of salah.

I like that the book has action based pages because it takes the reader beyond just reading and into action, and in shaa Allah it helps muslim kids be encouraged to do salah and inspired to act on their own!

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