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Muslim Book Review: Little Loader's Taqwa Fixes the Bullies

A muslim book review on an adorable book about a fun little Muslim tractor and his lessons on Taqwa!

Genre: Picture book

Ages: 5-8

Publisher: Ilm Bubbles

Little Loader loves to help, but when three big bully tractors tell him he is too small, he finds himself sad. But after an avalanche, Little Loader finds that small actions can have big impacts- and that part of Taqwa- is kindness and forgiveness.

I just loved this book! It is full of Muslim joy, and kids will love the rhyme and rhythm and vibrant illustrations! While the story was long, honestly, it was so engaging- it felt easy and fun to read.

Tbh I usually don’t like books with non-human protagonists- but this one melted my heart and made me smile. I have a feeling kids who love playing with trucks will adore this (I plan on purchasing a copy for all the kiddos I know)- and honestly, the lessons in it did not feel preachy! They felt fun and sweet, and it might have been due to the tractor character.

A book I feel kids will read over and over- and one they will love!

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