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Muslim Book Review: Mama in Congress

Updated: Sep 4

A Muslim Book review on a beautiful nonfiction book on a Palestinian American and one of the first Muslim women to make it to congress!

Genre: Nonfiction Picture Book

Ages: 6-9

Author: Miranda Paul and Adam Tlaib

Illustrator: Olivia Aserr

Publisher: Harpercollins Children

Rashida was born to Palestinians who immigrated to America from the West Bank. She grew up noticing that the world around her viewed her as different- but that only inspired her to be more empathetic and want to help her community. Through her struggles, Rashida persevered and ended up being one of the first Muslim women in Congress. And always remained proud of her faith despite any Islamaphobia she faced.

This sweet picture book highlights the journey of Rashida Tlaib to the United States House of Representatives, and I liked that her son was coauthor of the book. It felt authentic and full of heart, and I enjoyed the sprinkles of Palestinian culture and Islam throughout.

The illustrations were beautiful and the text inspiring.

Def a nonfiction book useful for classrooms and schools and one perfect for Social Studies classes!

Link to buy HERE.

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