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Muslim Book Review: Salat in Secret

A Muslim book review of Salat in secret- an incredible book on the importance of salat and having bravery as a muslim kid!

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Author: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Publisher: Random House Studio

Muhammad is finally seven, and his dad gifts him a prayer rug on his birthday. Daddy is an ice cream man, and no matter where he is serving sweet joy to people- he stops and prays, in public.

Muhammad wants to be brave like Daddy. But at school, he prays in secret- scared at what others might think.

When Daddy is praying, Muhammad observes a scary incident- one that makes his father’s hands shake.

Muhammad learns courage comes with shaky hands❤️

Ahhhh! My heart🥹❤️

I cannot begin to explain how good this book is.

Islamically it is absolutely incredible- showing the courage to pray in public, showing wudu steps, showing advice from Daddy not to delay, and just absolutely incredibly representing Muslim joy and commitment in worship.

And oh my heart- even for non Muslim readers- the book just spills heart and emotion and even while rereading I found myself crying and feeling for Muhammad!

One of this book’s layers touch on the bravery of Black men- a page spread just made me outright cry at the emotion!

The gorgeous words and the incredible art just blend together in a true masterpiece of a book, one that is a must have for every family, Masjid, library, and school!

Link to buy here!

For another amazing book by Jamilah, click here!

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