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Muslim Book Review: The Big Breakout

A muslim book review of the newest Mayhem Mission series book: the Big Breakout and have I mentioned how much in love with this series me and my kids are!❤️❤️

Genre: Chapter Book

Ages: 7-11

Author: Burhana Islam

Illustrator: Farah Khankader

Publisher: Knight Of

Yusuf Ali Khan is back with more hilariousness!! In this third book of the series, his older sister Affa is about to have a baby and Yusuf needs to prepare himself to be an uncle! But as usual, his antics take him into all kinds of mayhem but always end up in heart and love and warmth- and even some teary eyed moments!

I love the amount of Islam in these books!! The unapologetic tidbits and funny explanations always make me laugh and my kids are so happy to see a book with a proud Muslim character!

And the bits of Bengali culture scattered throughout just add authenticity and character that make Yusuf feel real!

Def worth investing in these books and sadly, even though I got my copy from bookdepository, it did shut down! Hoping that indie booksellers might stock it but in the meantime, I did find book one and two on amazon US!

Check them out!

Link to buy here.

Check out book one here!

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