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Muslim book review: The Masjid Kamal Loves

One of my most anticipated books of the year, this book is a celebration of Black Muslim joy and one that is bursting with happiness at being in the Masjid!!

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Author: Ashley Franklin

Illustrator: Aaliya Jaleel

Publisher: Salaam Reads/Simon Kids

Kamal loves going to the Masjid on Fridays. He loves seeing his friends, making wudu (or actually splashing water), learning prayer, and most of all being with his community

Told in the fun style of “The House Jack Built”, this book is Muslim happiness in a picture book!!

The beautiful lyrical words were sweet and fun to read, and built on each other, each page adding more and more info and more and more fun events that go on in Jumaah, until the ending when the book concludes with everyone making their way outside and hugging each other in joy!

The gorgeous illustrations by Aaliya were eye-catching and vibrant, and I loved how each image spread showed extra clarity to the words and even extra funny scenes. The hues and colors blend together in harmony and make the book a gorgeous spread of paintings that exudes warmth and love❤️

I loved how so many Islamic themes were covered in the book, with Jummah prayer, the Imam, Quran, and wudu including in the spreads.

This book is truly a must have Jummah read, a Muslim joy book that is sure to be treasured by Muslim families everywhere and asked by young kids to be read over and over every night❤️

Make sure to order to support! ❤️

Link to buy!

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