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Muslim Books upcoming 2022/23

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Preorders are so important for authors, and help get your copy of the book as early as possible!

- note: preorders help show publishers we need more muslim books for our kids, so please consider supporting!!

A lot of people (hundreds) requested on my ig that I do a list of Muslims books that are upcoming Fall/winter and I thought I would just go ahead and enter the preorder links too!

I have divided this by age. Please note, this is not all encompassing, I have just put it together with the best of my humble knowledge! And this is only until March 23, there will hopefully be more books in the Spring 23 and beyond!

Disclaimer: I receive a portion of the profits from using my links :)


  1. Our World Egypt releasing in OCT '22


  1. The Moon from Dehradun in Sept '22

  2. The Night Before Eid in March '23

  3. Moon's Ramadan in Feb '23

  4. The Kindest Red in Jan '23

  5. Dear Black Child in Sept '22

  6. Hold them Close in Oct '22

  7. Hana's Hundreds of Hijabs in Sept '22

Chapter Books:

  1. Marya Khan in Oct '22

  2. Must Love Pets in Oct '22

  3. Zara RULES in Oct '22

Middle Grade/Tween books:

  1. Hamra in March '23

  2. A Bit of Earth in March '23

  3. Bhai for Now in Oct '22

  4. Fight Back in Oct '22


  1. Love from Mecca to Medina in Oct '22

  2. As Long as The Lemon trees Grow in September '22

  3. House of Yesterday in Nov '22

  4. The Next New Syrian Girl in March '23

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And for more recs, search my blog (divide by age) Or go directly to my amazon page for age by age lists:

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