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Muslim Reviewers Top Book Choices of 2020

Mabrook to the first annual Muslimah Reviewers Top Book Choices of 2020! Congratulations to all and may this serve as motivation to push us through another great year of Muslim Book releases.

🏅Best Muslim Board Book:

My First Book about Allah by Sara Khan

@sarakhan_author @kubepublishing

🏅Best Muslim Picture Book:

Let It Go by Na'ima bint Robert & Mufti Menk

@naimabrobert @muftimenkofficial @kubepublishing

🏅Best Muslim Early Reader:

The Sadiq Series by Siman Nuurali

@simannuurali @capstonepub

🏅Best Muslim Chapter Book:

Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy by Zanib Mian


🏅 Best Muslim Middle Grade Novel:

Once Upon an Eid by S.K. Ali & Aisha Saeed

@skalibooks @aishacs

🏅 Best Muslim YA Book:

The Beauty of Your Face by Sahar Mustafah


🏅 Best Muslim Non-Fiction Book:

My Name is Mentioned in the Holy Quran by Farwa Javeed


🏅 Best Ramadan Book:

MY Brother’s Shield by Zahra Patel


🏅Best Hajj Book:

The Green Dinosaur Umbrella by Amina Banawan

@aminabanawan @ruqayas.bookshelf

🏅 Best Eid Book:

"Personalized" Perfect Eid by Tasmea Mahmud


🏅 Most Unique Muslim Book:

My First Muslim Potty Book by Yousfa Janjua

@taqwa_tots @prolancepublishing

🥳 Congratulations! 🥳

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