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Mustafa and Arwa go on a Prayer Adventure

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀



price: 10 usd

This is one of the four@muslimpillarsbooks that we absolutely love! I really want to see more in this series one day inshaAllah!⠀

This particular one is about prayer, and is also written in the usual cute rhyme characteristic of these books. We really like Mustafa and Arwa and how the book works well for both genders.⠀

The times of each salah are referenced in the text and shown through beautiful illustrations. The names are highlighted throughout the text, as well as in an appendix in the back.⠀

One of the really neat things about the book is that it sets a whole daily schedule for kids, including school (with a break for dhuhr) and shows how prayer fits seamlessly into the day of a Muslim. I love that the book shows how a day really does revolve around the five prayers, with fajr early in the morning and Isha before bed.⠀

This is the perfect motivation for salah for little ones because it introduces them to the idea of salah without overdoing it or adding too much details. ⠀

Check it out!

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