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My Baba is the Best

A beautiful book on the importance of Babas❤️❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Age; 4-6

Author: @bacharhouli14

Illustrator: @debbyrahmalia

Publisher: @penguinkidsaus

Available worldwide on

A gorgeous book on the love of a Baba. Whether jumping on trampolines, fishing, camping, running, or going to movies- a Baba brings so much energy and fun to his kids. But not just fun, Baba also makes duaa and prays with his kids, takes them to the Masjid on Eid, and is always there for them!

Most importantly- Baba loves his kids❤️

So much Islam in this beautiful book! Salah, duaa, Eid, hijab, and more!

I loved that this book defies stereotypes about Muslim fathers- and it shows Muslim men as being caring, kind, and loving instead of “stern” or controlling as often shown in stereotypical narratives.

And my favorite part, was the big beard lol. Lots of Muslim fathers have this signature beard and I am looking forward to little kids everywhere seeing themselves and their own families reflected in this book❤️

The gorgeous illustrations by Debby Rahmalia just really pull the book together and the vibrant colors reflect the warmth and the love between family members!

Check it out!❤️


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