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My Brother's Shield

I was absolutely blown away by this new children’s book about Ramadan. It also came with an activity book, so stay tuned for the review for that as well!🌙

The book follows the young girl Anisah who is observing her older brother Adam while he fasts. The book uses the hadith: “Fasting is a Shield” by the Prophet (pbuh) to teach how Fasting in Ramadan is not only the stopping of eating and drinking, but also stopping idle talk and bad language and doing good deeds. I really enjoyed how the book showed the “shield” and helped children understand that fasting is about changing your heart and doing good, in a cool and fun way!⠀

Adam fasts and his fasting makes him a superhero. He prays, reads Quran, avoids fighting during a soccer game, and avoids gossiping with friends at the mosque, and then spends his night in prayer on his “magic carpet”. (real magic is haram, but in the book it is meant more in the “disney fairy tale” sense than in a bad way, and so I don’t feel like it was anything the kids would learn negative ideas from but should be pointed out to be an imagination thing.)⠀

The cover, illustrations, colors, pages, and fonts were honestly extremely well done and my children’s eyes were riveted to the book the whole time I was reading it to them. We loved the decor and bunting in the book, it really helped establish a sense of Ramadan through the pages.⠀

The ending talks about Eid and counting down to Ramadan next year. The book makes kids really feel like this holy month is beautiful and blessed and something they should definitely be excited about! ⠀

A cool note about the illustrations was that the other book “The Flying Carpet” also makes a debut on one of the pages! My kids loved pointing that out!!⠀

I love that the book ends with discussion questions and cool activities (like making your own shield). Honestly, it makes the book so much more fun, as well as educational.⠀

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price: around 8 usd

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