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My Dad is Always Working

A beautiful new and fun book by @hafsahdabiri ❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6

Available: @kubepublishing

Abdullah loves his dad, but when he tries talking to him, Dad just whizzes away to work. Abdullah gets upset, and when his teacher suggests writing thank you cards to the people who deserve gratitude in their life, Abdullah doesn’t think of his dad. His mother explains to him why his dad always works…and after seeing evidence of that, Abdullah realizes his dad works FOR him.

I liked the beautiful illustrations and the hardback quality pages! The beautiful black family was so joyful to see and it is def a much needed topic on the importance of fathers and the work they do!

Islam was sprinkled throughout with jazakAllahu khair, Salaam, InshaAllah, hijab and more!

I did feel like the text could have used some trimming and development, but it was a sweet story.

I am a huge fan of the author’s first book as well and love seeing books with Black Muslim Joy❤️

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