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My Daily Dues soundbook

This came in our @bismillahboxkids Duaa box!!🎉

Genre: Board Book (sound book)

Ages: 0-4

Available: @muslim.memories is the US stockist for @desidollcompany

This is the cutest little Duaa Board Book. With around 10 “duaas” included, it contains a lot of Islamic knowledge for kids to learn.

Each duaa contains the Arabic duaa, the English translation, a transliteration to aid with pronunciation, and a guide on when to use the duaa. I really like how each duaa contains the source as well.

The pictures are adorable and sweet, and the sounds of the button were very clear and concise. The sounds says the duaa in Arabic as well as the rest of the extra information about the duaa on the page.

There are many different books of duaa by @desidollcompany , but this particular one (book one) contains the “duaa” of greeting Muslims, duaa of learning, duaa of waking up, duaa of entering the bathroom, duaa of leaving the bathroom, duaa of getting dressed, duaa of drinking milk, duaa for parents, duaa before going to sleep, and the duaa to say when you are happy or pleased.

My toddler really loved this book and I even found her trying to repeat the duaa after pressing the sound button (swipe to hear sound).

Remember to subscribe to @bismillahboxkids for more board books in the 4 and under box. New themes each month❤️

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