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My First Book About Hajj

Dhul Hijjah has ended, but this book is timeless and beautiful all year long!

Genre: Board Book

Ages: 0-4

Author: @sarakhan_author

Illustrator: @alilodgeart

Published by @kubepublishing

This gorgeous boardbook is absolutely so stunning, that I truly feel like it’s a work of art worthy of display!!

The Kaaba is so beloved to the hearts of Muslims everywhere, and this book beautifully displays all the facts of Hajj and the beauty of this pilgrimage.

It starts with describing it as one of the five pillars, showing people traveling from all over to Mecca for Hajj. I love how kid appropriate the words were to explain Hajj to little ones and I loved all the Ayahs and Islamic tidbits sprinkled throughout for the enjoyment of the parent reader.

The Illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and really lend the text a spiritual feel for the beautiful act of worship.

The steps of Hajj are described in a simplified way, and I also learned a lot- I felt like it was displayed in an easy way to memorize for kids.

I liked how the book, similar to the others in the series, has end pages with extra facts and questions.

This is truly a must have book to add to our Islamic bookshelves❤️

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