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My First Book About Salah

Another book in the board book series about firsts and they all are similar in their beautiful quality, and gorgeous pictures, as well as informative format!

Genre: Board book

Ages: 2-4

Author: Sara Khan

Illustrator: Ali Lodge

Publisher: @kubepublishing

This gorgeous book details the revelation of Salat and how it came during the Israa and Miraj. I loved how it provided the definition of Salat as a gift from Allah, and the soothing pictures and beautiful words compliment each other in teaching little ones to love Salat.

The book describes Salat, wudu, the athan, and details a lot of useful information for kids.

It contains a picture of Surah Fatiha, and beautiful images of children and adults praying.

This book is a beautiful introduction for Salat for youngsters and older kids alike!


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