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My First Book About the Quran

Genre: Board book⠀

Ages: 0-3⠀

Available: @kubepublishing@crescentmoonbookstore

This came in our @bismillahboxkidsRamadan box🎉🎉🎉⠀

I just absolutely love this new release by @sarakhan_author and published by @kubepublishing

As always with this lovely author’s books, this book is CHOCK-FUL of Islamic information in a child-friendly format perfect for little Muslims!⠀

This Ramadan book did not disappoint, whether it was the gorgeous dreamy illustrations by @alilodgeart or the wonderful lessons on Ramadan. I love how the book discusses the five pillars of islam, what fasting is, who can fast, and all about doing good deeds in this holy month! I especially liked the page on Lailatul Qadr!⠀

The end contains facts about Ramadan and I found it so informative and wonderful for kids of all ages to listen to and read!⠀

The book comes with Ramadan stickers inside, which was an awesome surprise and my toddler instantly took them out to play with! ⠀

I highly recommend all the books by @sarakhan_author , as they all do a wonderful job teaching Islamic topics in young child-friendly words and appropriate terms!⠀

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