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My First Muslim Potty Book

The Author: @taqwa_tots has truly brought us a wonderful book that is a must-have for every Muslim household!⠀

This book fulfills a definite need in our communities- the need for a Muslim kid’s guide to using the bathroom and applying Muslim hygiene practices.⠀

The book is written in flowing creative rhyme (though it did feel a little stretched in some areas😅). ⠀

The book has absolutely adorable pictures. The illustrations reflect images of a real Muslim family home, full of toys thrown everywhere, prayer mats, and lovely Arabic alphabet wall hangings. My kids loved seeing the similarities to our home and the child’s home in the book (especially the messiness😉)⠀

The book details instructions on how to make it to the potty in time, doing istinja (which is super cool and a must to teach our kids!!), and even the twenty-second washing the hands rule. Taught also is Entering and exiting with the correct feet, as well as using the correct hand to wash. The duaas of using the bathroom are referenced at the end.⠀

I really love how the book teaches kids that cleanliness is part of faith, and how learning how to clean yourself properly is part of being a good Muslim and getting ready for prayer.⠀

I also love that the book includes many small details that help the kids connect to it, like the reality of accidents happening, and the need to call parents for help with washing. This helps normalize the process of learning potty training instead of making it something for kids to feel ashamed of if they do it wrong.⠀

The beginning also includes a cool guide on knowing when children are ready for potty training. This is super helpful for parents!⠀

I would mostly recommend this for ages 2-6, as it is helpful for encouraging potty training for the younger ones and a good review for hygiene for the older ones. My older ones enjoyed reading it to their little sister and I loved that they were able to understand the importance of cleanliness and Islamic hygiene!

Get yours from @prolancepublishing


price: 15 usd

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