My First Quran- Tafseer for Kids

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My First Quran- Tafseer for Kids

We often focus on memorizing Quran with our children, but do they understand the words that they are reciting?

This book is SO GOOD! It is part 1, and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on part 2 inshaAllah!

It has the Arabic Quran Verses (so you can use it for memorization) and then the English transliteration at the bottom of the page. But the BEST part are the illustrations that show the meanings of the words! One of my kids' favorite pics were the witch and devil pictured, and we launched into a discussion (lightly) about the presence of the whispers of shaytan and people that do real magic, but that the words of Allah protect us. It reinforced to them the importance of reciting surah alnass and alfalaq, as well as ikhlas, every night before bed!

Ages 5 and up.

Available on the Precious Pearls website for 22.99 usd.


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