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My Friend the Alien

Genre: Chapter Book/Early Reader⠀

Ages: 6-10⠀

Price: 8 usd



⭐️⭐️Spoiler Alert!⠀

Islamic notes: clean. no islamic facts mentioned but Jibreel, the main human, seems to be a Muslim, says he is named after an angel, and is a refugee. Many good human morals are displayed from Jibreel.⠀

Maxx is an alien from Planet Zerg and has just landed on Earth to study humans and why they have feelings. Part of his spaceship is broken and he isn’t able to communicate with his planet, but he goes on his mission without really feeling anything at first. He discovers yummy chocolate and “methane gas” (farts). This part was hilarious to read!! ⠀

Then he meets a young refugee boy named Jibreel. Jibreel is sad about being away from his mother and is being teased by bullies at his school for being an “alien” or a foreigner. ⠀

However, when Maxx uses his powers to torment the bullies (he starts to feel angry feelings from seeing Jibreel sad), Jibreel steps in and says “two wrongs don’t make a right”. ⠀

When Jibreel goes to help Maxx fix the ship, the three bullies steal the ship and accidentally end up in zerg. When the adult Zerg aliens find out, they bring them back...but make a detour.⠀

This part made me cry: they go to Jibreel’s country and bring his mom to him! The book ends with Maxx going back to his planet to teach about emotions.⠀

I loved this book. It was simple, but beautiful and meaningful. It is perfect for early readers, engaging, and full of low-key lessons about human feelings, being kind to others, refugee struggles, not being a bully, and the importance of controlling anger. My 6 year old read it and is re-reading it again because she loved it so much!⠀

And true to@zanibmianform, it is full of hilarious and funny statements. ⠀

I absolutely recommend!!

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