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My Garden Over Gaza

Words cannot describe my full feelings or adequately portray how gorgeous this book is and how every single person needs this right now.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-9

Author: Sarah Musa

Illustrator: Saffia Bazlamit

Publisher: @ruqayasbookshelf

Noura is a young girl caring for her brother in Gaza as her mom works sewing in their basement to make ends meet. Their dad has died, and a way Noura connects with his memory is by planting on the rooftop, plants he brought when he was expelled from his farmland due to the Israeli occupation.

But there are Drones flying over Gaza.

And one day…they spray Noura’s garden.

Noura’s reaction is heartbreaking and my tears flowed at her despair.

But her words at the end were powerful.

She would never stop planting.

This book uses the symbolism of plants to show how living under oppression and occupation in Gaza affects families, and it is a gentle way to teach children about the occupation while also moving emotions to show them how wrong it is and how the people of Gaza are unfairly trapped.

My heart truly is broken because I know that this is a reality, that this book is not even touching the even harsher realities kids in Gaza and Palestine face.

And we must elevate Palestinian Authors and Illustrators such as this book and elevate their voices and secure their freedom.

Honestly, and I do not say this lightly, if you are going to buy one book this year,

Make it this one!


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