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My Hajj Fun Book

I don’t recommend this activity book.

Genre: Activity book⠀

Ages: written for ages 9-12 but I wouldnt really recommend⠀

Price: 5 usd⠀

Available: @islamicbooks4kids.usa

Islamic notes: there was A LOT of information in the book. Some was not appropriate- example: mentions of “shooting” shaytan, (why not just seek refuge in Allah), and stories about hearing voices (shaytan) was creepy. stories didn’t even make sense, facts changing in between each line. ⠀

I’m just not sure what to think about this activity book from@goodwordbooks.⠀

First off, it was wayyyy too lengthy and full of information. Every inch of every page was full of so much text, it was hard to even focus on the activities. I honestly couldn’t even screen it fully because it hurt my head to look at.⠀

There were many activities and wordsearch puzzles, as well as stories and quizzes. The stories had many grammar issues though, and the activities had typos. My son noted that in the wordsearches Talbiyyah was spelled with two y’s while in the word bank on the same page it was spelled with 1. And this happened throughout more pages as well, which seems sloppy.

It contains a lot of Islamic knowledge, but it reads more like an Islamic textbook than a “fun”book.⠀

I would recommend a reprint of this book, more revision of the aesthetic appeal, and a fix of the mistakes before re-selling, and although it was cheap, it is still disappointing.

Also, I would revisit its appropriateness for kids. The stories seemed like they needed editing and some of the parts were concerning, like the “shooting” part.

I don’t really like to do negative reviews, but I think its important so parents know what to look out for. I plan on checking the series and seeing if the other “fun” books are like this one. I urge the publisher to consider fixing them inshaAllah.

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