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My Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Busy Book

This@bebecucu_activity book is the second one in the series, so check out my review of the other top rated 10/10 book that we love! And honestly, I LOVE this one even more if possible!!!⠀

Honestly, if you want a book to introduce your young children to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s sunnah and life/seerah, than this is it!!⠀

This booklet comes in a sturdy bag with all the puzzle pieces, dry erase marker, and cotton balls you need for using. And if you swipe to the end, you can see how they all fit in perfectly in the bag for easy storage.⠀

The book is made out of glossy high-quality material that can be drawn on with the marker, and is perfect for little hands that might rip papery books.⠀

The activities and puzzles in the book use seerah and sunnah to tell a story and teach children using a variety of clever and fun ways! The games promote hand-eye coordination in little children, and one of the activities include teaching of the arabic alphabet.⠀

The book has many cute lessons for the kids, and promotes the idea of Islam being a way of life, with healthy habits like eating good food, reading, and exercising as part of the values that the Prophet (pbuh) encouraged.⠀

I honestly loved this book, and it includes so much play that it is sure to be used by my kids over and over!⠀

This is available at @deenhubb so make sure to click the link in her bio to buy it!


price: 25 usd

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