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My Ramadan Dua Book

Desi Doll Company has come up with an amazing Ramadan Duaa Book, the perfect gift to buy for your children before Ramadan!(and put in their Ramadan basket) ⠀ It starts with talking about Ramadan and how the Quran came down to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during this blessed month. It talks of the purpose of fasting, which is very useful for teaching kids. It talks about fasting from bad words and bad actions in addition to abstaining from food and drink. It also teaches kids about Eid. ⠀ The book includes a sweet story about a little boy and girl named Ali and Fatima who are fasting. They tell their friend Lucy about Ramadan, and their mother invites her and her mother over for iftar to see what it is like. They enjoy their time together and Lucy completes a whole fast with her friends! I love how the book showcases a positive interaction between a Muslim and Non-Muslim family, because it taught my kids to be more positive and not shy in displaying their Islamic Identity. ⠀ ⠀ The book contains many duaas at the end that are useful for children to recite during this blessed month. (In both Arabic and English transliteration/translation!) It has an index about the five pillars of Islam and a table for how to say Eid Mubarak in 15 different languages!! (The kids enjoyed pretending they could say it right in all 15😅) The last page is a wonderful yummy brownie recipe that we will have to try out in Ramadan! ⠀ My kid’s favorite part of the book was that they were able to hear the duaas, all the Ramadan phrases, and the Eid takbirat out loud in both Arabic and English! The book even recites the whole surah of Laila AlQadr.⠀ This book is lovely for all ages and all types of learners. It is the perfect tool for helping your children get excited about Ramadan. The takbirat made us really look forward to Eid as well! ⠀ If you are going to buy just one book this Ramadan, invest in this one! It really has all the aspects of a perfect Ramadan book, and is perfect for all children. It will keep the kids occupied for a long time, and the soundbox will help them memorize all the important duaas and adhkar without them even realizing it. ⠀ Get yours from Desi Doll Company for 17.99 £ (about 24 US dollars.)


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