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My Ramadan Journal Around the World

Genre: Journal for Ramadan⠀

Ages: I would suggest 8 and up⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore@bismillahbuddies

This journal is absolutely adorable and so useful for the older ones in Ramadan who love to learn information and don’t like doing the typical activity books for kids.⠀

What I liked about this journal is that it doesn’t require too much work for kids, but includes a lot of information and a few fun activites for those who want to do them.⠀

The journal starts with a duaa for sighting the moon in Ramadan and sprinkled throughout the book are more duaas, hadith, and Islamic information. There is also an area to write the kids information as well as a picture area for those that like to be creative.⠀

Every few pages include kids from different countries around the world, explaining some of their culture’s food, language, and country statistics. I love how the countries are diverse, everywhere from the middle east, indonesia, south Africa, the UK, America, and all the way to Brazil.⠀

I learned a lot about the different countries and older children will surely appreciate all the unique qualities of Muslims around the world.⠀

Pages also include a moon tracker, salah tracker, and a tracker for reading Quran, suhoor, iftar, and doing a good deed. I like how these were small and simple enough to just check.⠀

The end of the book includes a checklist for the Eid sunnahs and a certificate of completion!⠀

The book is hardcover and the pages high quality, and the illustrations were perfect and authentic. A beautiful journal option for kids this Ramadan

price: 16 usd


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