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Nadia and Nadir

I have been looking forward to this series, as my kids are huge fans of illustrated early readers and this one DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

Genre: 30 page, highly illustrated early readers

Age: 6-9

Author: @marziehabbas_author

Illustrator: @lalastellune

Publisher: @abdobooks

Islamic comment: in the book “Visit Pakistan”, the Quran is waved in the air as protection, which can be considered bidah.

I loved this adorable series of six books!! Comparable to YASMIN, this book is about two Pakistani American twins who go on adventures.

In Visit Pakistan- they visit Pakistan. I love the cute cultural tidbits, the added information about Pakistan, and all the yummy food that is eaten.

In Lunch in the Leaves, Nadia and Nadir are so excited to play in the fall leaves they forget about breakfast. But a lunch of spicy Tikka is enjoyed and discussions about leaves and chlorophyll are had to keep the book informative and fun.

In Eid Surprises, the twins go to buy Eid gifts (I loved these btw!!!) and then learn a lesson about sadaqah by the end.

In Ramadan Cookies, the twins bake yummy cookies and discuss Ramadan blessings, learning to share the goodness with others.

In Beach Trash Art, the twins learn to recycle and reuse, teaching kids the importance of taking care of the environment!

The illustrations are just gorgeous and the stories so fun!!

I truly enjoyed these books and they are SUPER educational and full of lots of islamic and desi references! I can’t wait to get more!!

Perfect for libraries and school bookshelves❤️

Very well written and gorgeously illustrated, this series will be loved by children!


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