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Names of Allah Coloring Book

Genre: Coloring Book⠀

Ages: 2 and up⠀

Available: @uncleomair@bismillahboxkids

This came in our @bismillahboxkidsbox last month with the theme: Love Allah by Learning His Names💖💖⠀

We just love this coloring book by @uncleomair ! The cover is glossy and attractive, the pages are high quality, and it is so wonderfully put together.⠀

It starts off with an ayah about the beautiful names of Allah and calling on Him with them. ⠀

There are 18 out of the 99 names, each written in Arabic calligraphy on the right side, Standard Arabic on the left side with a meaning, translation, and transliteration.⠀

They are all written in colorable font and perfect for young ones to color in. Both my 2 year old and 6 year old loved coloring in the books!⠀

At the end of the book is the hadith about how learning Allah’s names helps a Muslim reach Jannah!⠀

I love how this coloring book is a fun way for the kids to learn Islamic knowledge!⠀

For more amazing coloring books and Islamic items, sign up at⠀

New themes each month!

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