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Nanni's Hijab

Nanni’s Hijab by Khadijah AbdulHaqq Author and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing is a story not only about hijab but also about bullying, muslim identity, and strength through friendship (not with fists).

Nanni is very proud of her Hijab, and wears a different color every day of the week. ( my daughter loved the pink hijab day the best!)

Leslie, a girl at school, seems irritated at the attention that Nanni and her beautiful hijabs get. She lashes out from her jealousy and starts bullying Nanni.

Nanni gets mad, and feels in her heart that she wants to use her fists to fight her. She even gets encouraged by the other kids with the chants of “fight” “fight” “fight”.

But ultimately, Nanni realizes the Leslie’s meanness comes out of a place of jealousy, and resolves the situation by gifting Leslie her very own pink hijab to feel special and as a symbol of friendship.

I like how Nanni figured out how to deal with the bullying on her own, even when her mom said she would speak to the teachers, and she realized that bullying often times comes from hurt people, and not inherently bad ones. I liked that she used caring instead of fighting in response to the bully.

Bullying is a reality of life, and we should teach our kids to feel empathy and search beyond what people might actually be saying. Underneath the meanness might be a hurt person lonely and in need of friendship. With that being said, it is also important to teach them to stand up for themselves and not cower in fear, which was beautifully done by Nanni.

Get this from Djarabi Kitabs Publishing for 15 usd.


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